Key Points of Focus is; Trauma with all facets of life:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Most consider trauma like emotional dismissals by their parents as not traumatic. However, when this kind of emotional neglect is present every day for most of, or all of, your childhood it can become trauma for some.  From this example, to more obvious traumas like car explosions or war, we can develop PTSD or symptoms of PTSD.  Therapies like EMDR can resolve these traumas to stop holding you back from being your true self.  Schedule an appointment today or contact me for a free consultation.  


The following relationships can be affected by intense emotions speaking to you from the past.  Relationships with your Child, relationships with your partner, relationship with Self, relationship with Coworkers/Boss, relationships with God or religious Leaders.  Negative thoughts are very much involved with these emotions like, no one cares for me, I’m all alone, I’m not worth it, I’m invisible, I’m not capable, and I’m not lovable.  These negative thoughts are the chains holding you back.


Are you feeling intense fears about the future?  Or maybe you have intense feelings that you are not safe and have rarely felt safe in your life.  These intense feelings of not being able to trust mankind can keep you from feeling love from your loved ones.  Leaving you feeling like a lonely shell.


Are you focused on the past and how there is no hope for the future?  These feelings of loneliness can be so intense you begin to feel isolated and it is hard to get out.  Consult with me today to understand how therapy can help.

Tad Bit About Me:

I am said to create a comfortable environment of validation, understanding, and empathy.  I personally strive to be non judgmental and open minded.  It bothers me to see others observed through only one lens of context.  There is so much more to a person including; love, passion, desires, and joy.  From one who understands how trauma lies to us I hope to help you on your journey of healing to help you unburden your existence.  

I have a genuine passion for psychology and to help you strive for your goals in life.  When I am not a psychotherapist I am at home with my two children playing or reading more psychology books.  Other passions I have are writing, playing guitar, and reading.  My guilty pleasures are watching movies, shows, and occasionally playing video games.  Please let me know if I can assist you with anything.


Welcome to TRUE Therapy in Utah. We use empirically researched therapies to help you meet your goals in Utah.  TRUE stands for Trauma Reprocessing to Unburden Existence and we have great therapy options for you in Utah.  Our goal is to help lighten the burden of your existence so you can be, and live, the best you!  As a guide, therapists use therapy as a tool to carefully help you let go of the past.  In this way we help you allow the shackles of trauma, depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and the vicissitudes of life to fall away.  TRUE Therapy services can help guide you to your goals with therapies like eye movement desensitization reprocessing, sand tray, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more.  

Therapy Utah

Therapy Utah

We are a Utah therapy with a focus to benefit you where you are in your journey of life.  Therapy, Utah, services provide individual-based to help those with concerns with; depression, anxiety,  trauma, interpersonal relationship concerns, dissociation, stress, recent (new trauma), childhood trauma adult attachment concerns, and more.  We choose therapies to address these concerns.  Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) helps with the above concerns or problems, including trauma, life has presented you by allowing you to reprocess or work through your memories and turn them into just memories by cutting of the strong emotions that string along with those memories.

Eye movement desensitization reprocessing is growing in popularity as a therapy in Utah.  Additionally, many of these therapies have wonderful coping skills brought to the table to help you on your therapeutic journey.  Also, anxiety can be resolved through the process of EMDR but in some cases, conjointly, therapies like sand tray or Gestalt are used to help with your desired goals.  All this is provided to you in Utah with therapy by TRUE.  Similarly, your goals can be met with trauma, depression, or anxiety.  TRUE brings you these therapy options in Utah today.

Why TRUE Therapy in Utah?

Because we understand!

The founder of the company sought education in Baltimore, Maryland, and returned home to provide therapy in Utah.  Thus, TRUE therapy provides you therapy options in Utah.  TRUE focuses on consistently keeping up to date on researched-based therapies to provide you quality therapy in Utah you deserve.  Also, the founder understands what it is like to be on your side of the fence.  For example, we understand with anxiety you tend to mentally run from the problem and don’t process the experience. 

Because of a focus on trauma!

Also, trauma and their responses are not who we are but, rather, something that has happened to us.   Thus, therapy focuses on trauma as observed in EMDR to actively target unprocessed memories or trauma.   Therefore, TRUE Utah therapy services may be able to help you with such concerns as; trouble sleeping, staying asleep, panic attacks, triggers, trauma ( small or big), interpersonal relationships, negative thoughts or beliefs about self, somatoform problems, feelings of impending doom, feeling worthless, feeling unimportant, feeling alone, and much more.

Because we want to help!

TRUE Therapy Utah services are here to provide you assistance.  Contact us for a free phone consult for your future for therapy in Utah.  Utah therapy services with TRUE currently have one office conveniently located near you.  With therapy in Utah, meet your goals of life, therapy, or personal today.  Browse our website to learn more about therapy options in Utah.


Hello!  I am glad you are here.  Sincerely, you are welcome to reach out to me at any time.  The fastest response from me will likely be with text at the phone number below.  If you would rather talk, you are welcome to call me but it may take a little longer than a text for me to get back to you.  Regardless, I listen to my voicemails pretty regularly.  Additionally, I do respond to emails.  I am genuinely here to help.  Please reach out for any questions you may have.

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