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your relationship is struggling & you can't trust others

You have friends, you have family, you have a partner. And, you don't feel happy.

You question who you can trust in your friend group.

You question, "is my partner cheating on me?"

You struggle asking for help.  After all, you have always been left disappointed.

You grew up to fast. You were stuck in a position where you had to parent your siblings. But, what about you? Who has taken care of you? Who will? Who can? 

You spent your whole life taking care of others. Do  you remember how to ask for help?

You don't feel safe

Your life has been full of peeking around the corner. When will the next shoe drop? Today you had a good day, will my parent or partner make that snide comment and surprise me out of my peace now?  

Emotional safety was not ever something you could count on.  So you stopped seeking it.  Instead your live every day feeling on edge or sad.  Your partner, even you, have noticed you struggle being emotionally vulnerable. 

Not even your own home feels safe or comfortable.

Your anxious and nervous all the time

You feel confused and anxious.  You are not sure what to do?  You are not sure something is even wrong?

You find yourself thinking about conversations you have had days after.  Did you say something dumb?  Do they think you are weird?

You haven't done anything wrong. You are a good person. Then, why do you feel like you have made a mistake?  

You are told you need to relax and use coping skills.  Your friends and past therapists tell you, "Try yoga. Try meditating!! Try breathing techniques!!!" "It works great for me!", they all say.  Why does it make you so anxious and uncomfortable?

you are emotoinal all the time & you feel like no one understands you

You feel at any moment you are going to be abandoned or loose your friends or loved ones.  

You find yourself feeling needy at times, and this confuses you.  

You are quick to be emotional and others give you a hard time about it.  

You have learned to feel like you are to much and you feel lonely.

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Therapist in Pleasant Grove

There is hope: Find your Authentic Self

You can heal from your past.  You can heal from the now.  

You will learn skills needed to help you find you and navigate your life.  

The emotional fort you built around yourself can be brought down so you can feel vulnerable when it's appropriate. With your partner! With your child!

You can be free from the chains of the past.

Today is the day for change!

EMDR Therapy in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Abraham Hudson, CMHC, EMDR trained

Let me help you find your authentic self

What if?

  • ... you could know when and who was actually safe?
  • ... home and your partner felt safe?
  • ... you could meditate and relax with no negative feelings in your body?
  • ... your anxiety or depression was manageable or not a problem without medications?
  • ... you understood clearly who you are, what your boundaries are and had the strength to stand your ground and say NO MORE!!?

You can heal your emotions, your body, and your mind so you can find your true you. Your authentic self!

Hello!  I am Abraham Hudson

You have been on a journey to find yourself and heal long enough.  I help people like you find calm in emotional disturbance, understanding of self, and relaxation to their body.  I have helped others understand their reactions are not always who they are but things that have happened to them with EMDR. 

Your anxiety is not who you are. Your struggle to be vulnerable with everyone is not who you are.  You feeling unsafe is not who you are.  Your lack of emotion or intense emotions are not who you are. 

I understand. You don't want that therapist to look at you after a few sessions and say.  "Well. There is not much more I can do for you.  You seem to be doing good."  Then they send you on your way out the door to eventually find another therapist.  I tailor my approach of therapy to you and your needs.

When you work with me. We will explore to understand where your troubles and struggles are. We will help you body find comfort in copings skills.  We will explore and find coping skills that work for you.  We will find trauma today and in the past and help reprocess these experiences. Healing is possible!

Each Day You Wait is a Day You Don't Have the Life You Have Been Striving For!

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Individual Therapy Near You

Individual therapy

Yes! We work with individuals with their life circumstances. All are welcome! We understand how important it is for a relationship to be present in sessions to work on intense emotions and events in your life effectively. We strongly encourage you to book a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if one of our therapists fits well with you.

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Relationship Therapist Near You

relationship therapy

Relationships, in many ways, define our lives. We have loved ones and friends. Unfortunately, we also have past relationships that get in the way of our current efforts toward relationships with our partners. Don't let your past relationships define your loving relationships today.

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Trauma Therapist Near Me


Trauma is a great liar. Trauma causes us to believe we can only react or believe in a certain way. We understand how much your loss has affected you and your family. Trauma can feel like chains locking us in place to behave in a certain way. We are here to tell you that how you respond to people and life circumstances is not necessarily who you are but things that have happened to you. Our therapists can provide you assistance with navigating these feelings and memories.

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Grief and Loss Therapist Near Me

Grief & Loss

Have you recently lost a loved one? This can be so difficult. Even if your loss is not recent, it is just as difficult on the anniversary of their passing. Some years, it may be more difficult. The good news is therapists can help with these feelings of loss.

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Anxiety Therapist in Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you go from day to day with consistent worry about money, work, children, your daily relationships, or your place in your life? Does this worry often keep you up at night?

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Depression Therapist Near You


Do you feel sad and hopeless about now and your future? Many of us can feel certain ways but still function from day to day. Some of us become so good at pushing away our feelings that we don't seem to have any. Your chance to continue your emotional journey and begin to feel alive again could be now. Begin your work on depression, anxiety and trauma.

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