Abraham Hudson, CMHC

Graduated from Johns Hopkins University (School of Education) and EMDR certified.


Finding a therapist can be hard. Not knowing if your therapist is going to be attentive or validating can cause hesitation when seeking a therapist. I remember my first time looking for a therapist and being confused about what kind of therapist I should see or who could help with my problem.

My first goal as your therapist is to listen carefully to your concerns and identify where you are coming from to better help with your needs. I am certified in EMDR and use multiple different therapies together with EMDR, or the use of one therapy at a time to better fit your needs and meet your mind and self where you are. I have a focus on individuals who have trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

I have a personal saying in and out of sessions, “Your responses to events is not who you are. It’s stuff that has happened to you”. I personally have had a childhood of divorced parents, yelling and screaming in the home, being manipulated, feeling invalidated, and more. These include childhood traumas to adulthood.

These also include big and small traumas. Francine Shapiro, founder of EMDR, once said that many small traumas over time can lead to a similar effect of a large trauma. Big or Small, trauma has an impact that is damaging to the mind and body.

I personally believe our childhood traumas continue to affect us today as adults. When you come into my office you may see this for yourself when your work begins. As we focus on your triggers as you experience them today they connect to your past. These triggers can include feelings of deep sadness, feeling overwhelmed, or responding with anger. The past is resolved and triggers diminish or go away is the theory and I have watched this happen for others. A movement to present and then future is also included. I also believe in being productive and not wasting time. However, I will always meet you where you are psychologically and move from there. Regardless, preparation with coping skills and more will be a top priority. Naming my company TRUE was intentional as I intend to be true in all my doings.

Before I was a therapist I knew it was what I wanted to do. With a passion for psychology and a desire to serve the community, I have watched individuals meet their therapeutic goals. I sought out a great school in Baltimore Maryland for a master’s degree in counseling for mental health. I am back at home in Utah ready to be of service to you and help guide you to a better way of life and meet your goals. Please visit my contact page for a phone consultation now.