Therapy for Anxiety


Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Do you go from day to day with consistent worry about money, work, children, your daily relationships, or your place in your life?  Does this worry often keep you up at night? 

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Therapy For Depression


Do you feel sad and hopeless about now and your future?  Many of us can feel certain ways but still function from day to day.  Some of us become so good at pushing away our feelings we seem to not have any.  Your chance to continue your emotional journey and begin to feel alive again could be now. 

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Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Have you recently lost a loved one?  This can be so difficult.  Even if your loss is not recent it is just as difficult on the anniversary of their passing.  Some years is may be more difficult.  The good new is we can help with these feelings of loss.

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Individual Therapy

Yes!  We work with individuals with their life circumstances.  All are welcome!  We understand how important it is for a relationship to be present in sessions to effectively work on intense emotions and events in your life.  We strongly encourage you to book a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit for you.

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Therapy for Relationship Issues

Relationship Therapy

Relationships, in many ways, define our lives.  We have loved ones and friends.  Unfortunately, we also have past relationships that get in the way of our current efforts toward relationships with our partners.  Don't let your past relationships define your loving relationships today.

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Trauma is the great liar.  Trauma causes us to believe we can only react or believe in a certain way.  Trauma can feel like chains locking us in place to behave in a certain way.  We are here to tell you the way you respond to people and life circumstances is not necessarily who you are but rather things that have happened to you.

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Mental Health Services

We provide different mental health services for you and your loved ones.  Whether its trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, or known triggers.  TRUE is here to help and guide you to you meeting your goals in mental health.  Mental health services at TRUE has an overall focus on trauma but we do look through other lenses with an open mind to better serve you in provided mental health services.  Therefore, our provided services are here for you.

Mental Health Services for Couples and Relationship Concerns

Our approach with couples and relationship concerns with mental health services is focused on the individual.  Rather, we take an approach of seeing each person within the relationship individually to work on their trauma.  Than we bring the couple together, if needed, to resolve overall concerns.  Otherwise, if you are an individual seeking mental health services for you learning how to get along with others, or our significant other, we provide this service.

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