Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT Therapy
Person wearing a box as a mask that states “Brain”. A cut out word “Idea” is placed into box to introduce new thought. A bases of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT therapy Utah is an area we currently serve in.  To be more specific we have a focus on CBT therapy in Utah County.  Every therapy founded and empirically researched is unique on its own.  CBT therapy focuses on you looking at your current problem.  Then help you change the way you view it logically to help you change how you feel about the problem.  

For example, in CBT therapy, Utah, could help you look at your current belief in how men or women are in the world.  Rather, you may have a current belief men are self-absorbed pigs who only want to take from you.  Your current belief may be false in regard to all men in the world but your experiences with your father and being raised with your brothers.  However, CBT explains that your belief system is inaccurate because as you look at all men in the world and not just your own experiences. However, not all men fit in this negative belief system.  

The example above sounds simple on paper, but helping you come to these conclusions on your own without changing your core values is part of the challenge.  Thus, CBT therapy in Utah County may be the right thing for you at TRUE.  

Therapy, Utah

Therapy in Utah County with TRUE is here to help you with your individual needs.  The variety of belief systems that we learn and hold on to is complex.  However, with CBT therapy, negative belief systems are something you can overcome with time and patience. Everyone deserves to have a reprieve and a better way to live. Therefore, take your chance for change with therapy today. 

CBT therapy in Utah County 

TRUE provides you with CBT therapy, Utah,  for your convenience.  As stated on the about page, the founder understands how difficult it can be to feel vulnerable and trust a therapist to give effort and to know what is being discussed in sessions.  We want to make an environment where you can feel trust.  Therefore, you can make an appointment today to see if CBT therapy in Utah County is a good option for you.