EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultant

Here we provide an EMDR consultant near you. When doing basic training for EMDR clinicians are required to get 10 hours of consultation. If you are seeking a certification in EMDR it is required you receive a total of 20 hours of EMDR institute approved consultant training or EMDR approved consultant. Please refer to EMDRIA’s website here.

EMDR Consultant in Pleasant Grove

We provide an EMDR consultant near you so you can find the best services in Pleasant Grove and Utah. EMDRIA requires an approved EMDR consultant in order to receive the highest proper training available. We strive to bring you the best in EMDR consultation. Our EMDR consultants will strive to bring you answers to questions you have about EMDR therapy in group or individual settings.

EMDR Consultants in Utah

Your EMDR consultant will do the best we can to help you meet your goals as a therapist. Take a look at our schedule and make an appointment now. All appointments are virtual for convenience of those who live further away than Pleasant Grove area and areas. EMDR consultants near you in Utah are here to provide you services. Call now to learn more.

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