Emotional Triggers

Emotional Triggers

Here you can find treatment for emotional triggers in Utah County.  What are emotional triggers?  We give examples with scenarios.  For instance, a parent who is having a great day with their children suddenly gets angry when one child begins to whimper.  Why would a parent switch from peace to anger in moments?  An adult who was told crying was not okay in various ways.  Rather, parents locked the adult in their room as a child.  Leaving the child alone and feeling shame. Therefore, the parent is reminded of the trauma today when they hear crying.  

In the example above, the initial response of the parent to the crying child seems unrelated to the past.  However, strong emotional reactions, triggers, to the event speaks more about the past.  EMDR is a specific therapy to target where current emotional triggers are actually coming from the past.  Give yourself relief from emotional triggers in Utah County.  

Emotional Triggers in Utah

As a wonderful tool, EMDR helps with multiple concerns.  Therefore, with EMDR and other therapies, you have a chance to resolve your emotional triggers.  Regardless, patience, time, and dedication are used to defeat the past.  Also, to live your existence with less pain or no pain at all.  Many have used therapy to successfully defeat the past.   Emotional triggers can be debilitating to you and those around you.  

Emotional Triggers in Utah County

Find peace from emotional triggers in Utah today.  The founder knows from experience through therapy burdens, emotional triggers, can become light or go away with therapy.  However, this can happen, or you too.  Find some peace today with an appointment for emotional triggers in Utah County.  

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