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Emotional triggers are when someone says or does something that causes you to feel anxious, sad, angry, or overwhelmed suddenly. It can take hours, sometimes days, to calm down when triggered. Sometimes, when calming down from a trigger, you wonder what happened or why that bothered you as much. When affected, you may think you are losing control and feel there is no hope. Whether you think your life is threatened, you have intense sadness, or are suddenly anxious for some time; there tends to be a cause. Everything seems to happen simultaneously as the body and mind are taken back to a time that does not exist in your past. We don’t need to remember events consciously, but our body remembers how it felt when we were chased; you were told you were the scum of the earth or couldn’t get out words during that last public speaking event. These past events were emotionally disturbing, and your body remembers them. A Mental health trigger can be difficult to spot and can be rooted in trauma. Find out how we can help today in Pleasant Grove with sudden feelings that occur when others say, do, or respond in ways that cause you to feel the past.

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Triggers come with different physical symptoms but should not be confused with a panic attack. When you suddenly feel emotional, you can experience a heavy chest, increased heart rate, shaking, fatigue, confusion, or dizziness. These symptoms can be in different combinations, and other symptoms not mentioned can be involved. However, your mental health trigger will likely include a sensation to get away, and you may find a way to ignore how you feel by binge-watching shows or movies, viewing pornography, gambling, or other means of escaping emotional pain. Therapy can help with these concerns. Many find ways to escape their pain, and sometimes, these ways of running away become unhealthy for us and our loved ones around us. You could be lashing out at yourself or others when you have emotional triggers in attempts to ignore the feelings your body is holding on to.

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Here at TRUE Therapy, we strive to help you find peace again. Trauma memories can involve these triggers, and therapies like EMDR, DBT, CBT, and art therapy can be helpful. First, the treatments we use are beneficial to identify where this is all coming from. Second, understand where your triggers are coming from. Third, to help, at a minimum, reduce pain when you have a mental health trigger burdening your relationships and life choices. We understand how easy it can be to feel confused about what is happening around you and to you.  Sometimes, it feels like people are doing these things to you on purpose.  You can call for a free phone consultation about our services in Utah today.

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