Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Do you have disturbing life experiences you are reminded of from day to day? Do you feel overwhelmed with your emotions? Do you find yourself running away from you emotional pain and your past with shows, movies, pornography, and/or other addictions? Do you struggle to feel your feelings? Maybe you feel too much and others let you know? Maybe your lack of emotions or intense emotions are overwhelming? These concerns can leave you feeling lonely, unwanted, and/or distant from others including loved ones. You may have flashbacks or memories that pop up during the day that are unpleasant or you don’t remember much from your childhood. These and other symptoms tend to point to trauma and can usually be found in childhood trauma even if you feel you had a safe normal childhood. We like to call them micro traumas that build up into a big trauma over time. We provide EMDR therapy with EMDR therapists. EMDR therapy is a therapy to help you overcome your past so you can be your authentic self today, and have more control of your emotions. Or, begin to feel your feelings once more instead of only the extremes. Find your EMDR therapist today with a 15 minute free phone consultation today.

EMDR Therapy in Pleasant Grove

Many things that to get over intense emotions or to find our emotions it’s an emotional journey that will take a lifetime. Yet, it’s found that EMDR therapy with a trauma informed EMDR therapist can significantly increase this process. Your emotional distress can be resolved efficiently and in a shorter amount of time than you may think with therapy’s like EMDR therapy. Finding EMDR therapists in Pleasant Grove and surrounding areas in Utah can be difficult because EMDR can be effective and providers are booked out. EMDR therapy can be the start of your healing journey and be very helpful with proper preparations from a certified provider.

EMDR Therapist in Pleasant Grove

At TrueTherapy.org we provide EMDR therapy for you. Distressful past can be resolved with EMDR with proper preparation. Well trained EMDR therapists can provide you the tools for preparation for EMDR while beginning trauma work while meeting your body and mind where they are on your healing journey. EMDR is helpful with traumatic memories including but not limited to: rape, childhood traumas, complex traumas, social traumas, medical traumas, first responder trauma, war trauma, self image trauma, and traumatic grief. Schedule your appointment today by finding the orange button on top of this page or text us at 801-871-9056.

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