Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss therapy

Do you have a recent loss? Or, you may have just lost someone dear to you. It isn’t easy to lose loved ones recently or long ago. Maybe you had a miscarriage? Maybe your loss happened some time ago, but you feel the pain of your loss on anniversaries or meaningful times in the year that meant much to you. Your pain is still fresh in many ways, and you have reminders. You may even notice your feelings of loss are more intense as the years go by. Therapy for grief and loss can help you with these intense emotions, even if it feels like complicated grief and loss. Loss and grief therapy in Pleasant Grove can help you think differently about your loss. In some ways, the pain may never go away as you miss your loved ones. Grief and loss therapy for older adults is provided. However, your ability to heal can be more remarkable than you know. TRUE Therapy also provides grief and loss therapy for older adults.

Therapy for Grief and Loss in pleasant grove

Loss can happen in many different ways and at any age.  Sincerely, the worst is when your loss is unexpected.  These can be hard and emotionally impactful to the core.  Getting over the initial shock of the loss is the first step.  Then accepting you will never see them again is another.  What makes this harder?  When others show a lack of understanding.  Miscarriage can be an example.  If your loss is a miscarriage, others may suggest you didn’t know them, but in many ways, you did; you carried them. Their life was as natural as your pain is now. Maybe you know others who have been able to resolve their loss in a way they feel a sense of peace with their pain with grief and loss therapy. Therapy for grief and loss can help you come to a resolution and harmony with your loss. Losing loved ones is challenging, and it’s simply not fair. Find out more about why complicated grief and loss therapy for older people and others is sought with a free 15-minute phone consultation about loss and grief therapy in Utah.

Complicated Grief and Loss in pleasant grove

Grief and loss therapy for older adults and young can be a good way for you to find peace and reconciliation to help you move forward and live a more fulfilling life with a better sense of peace.  Having unresolved loss at a young age can follow you for many years.  The anniversary of the passing is enough to start causing your body to feel similar even when you don't logically understand you are feeling this way.  Therapy for grief and loss may be how you know others have found peace. Each stage of grief is complex and can last for many years if not processed correctly or, in some cases, reprocessed. We strive to provide the best therapy to fit your needs and personality. Loss and grief therapy is a way you can find peace today.

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