Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss
Two people standing in front of a tomb stone with placed flowers.

You can find complicated grief therapy in Utah County here.  Since you are visiting this page we assume you have lost a loved one.  Maybe you know someone who has lost a loved one.  Whether a beloved pet, family member, or friend lost can be hard.  Also, this loss could have happened one or two decades ago.  Regardless, loss after loss can turn into complicated grief and this is why we provide complicated grief therapy in Utah County for you.  

We understand you may not be ready to talk about it directly.  Therapies like art, talk, or sand tray can bring out the unconscious mind.  Otherwise, EMDR is used as a complicated grief therapy to directly work on grief and loss.  You have options for complicated grief therapy in Utah County.  

Complicated Grief Therapy

Complicated grief therapy is a specific therapy that includes CBT, interpersonal therapy, and techniques similar to prolonged exposure.  In many ways, EMDR uses a cognitive approach.  Also, EMDR also has an aspect of understanding interpersonal relationships within self has an exposure with the process of EMDR.  Regardless, complex grief therapy uses different therapies to help with the process of grief and loss.  We as a company meet you where you are and will use complex grief therapy, EMDR, or one therapy at a time to meet your needs.

So how does complex grief happen?  Regardless of your kind of loss your feelings touch all loss in your life like a thread holding on.  Rather, you can connect your losses with a string that reaches back to your earliest loss.  All these losses compact on each other and affect how you function today.  Begin to release your burden with complex grief therapy in Utah County, or other therapies, today.   

Complex Grief Therapy in Utah

We offer services to you today for grief and loss for complex grief is available to you.  We are located in Utah County and have a desire to help as we can.  Again, we will take time to listen to your story and begin to help where you are.  Rather, to meet your mind where it is.  Call for help today with complex grief therapy in Utah County.