Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy
Therapist and client during session. Client is expressively talking about something to therapist.

We currently offer individual therapy in Utah County.  If you are seeking individual therapy you have found the right page. Therefore,  we at TRUE offer individual therapy in Utah County including these therapies: EMDR, CBT, DBT, sand tray, and art therapy.  Call to learn more.

What makes us different?  Well, we have a goal to listen to your needs and desired goals in therapy.  Rather, we then allow your story to tell us what you need.  Therefore,  we let your story tell us where to begin and what you need help with.  We take an approach of Rogerian therapy to help us understand you.  Thus, we use your story to know how to help you.  

Individual Therapy in Utah

We strive for sincerity and excellence.  Sincerity in our doings with others, and excellence in keeping up to date on researched-based therapies.  Also, we strive for you to be your best you.  With your time, patience, and dedication we can help you figure out where to start and where to go with individual therapy in Utah County.  

Individual Therapy in Utah County

Individual therapy offered at TRUE is a great place to start your healing journey.  You have the choice to start healing and unburden your existence.  Every day that goes by could be a day of healing and your existence less strenuous.  Call today for your individual therapy in Utah County.