Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

Are you feeling emotionally lost? Are you trying to understand why you feel too much or feel too little? Are you seeking help and are not sure where to start? Maybe you have been to therapy a few times but didn’t get the help you needed? Or, maybe you just didn’t connect with the therapist you met with? We strive to find therapies that work well for each individual that steps into our building. Outside of finding an effective solution for you, a huge part of individual therapy sessions is the relationship you have with your therapist. We understand how important this step is for you. If you struggle trusting your therapist then how can you feel comfortable expressing yourself in an individual therapy program. Your relationship with your mental health therapist can be a big indicator of how therapy will go for you. For this reason we strongly encourage you to book your free phone consultation today to see if services in Utah County are an option for you.

Individual Therapy in Pleasant Grove

We want to bring you therapy modalities that will bring you the best healing to meet you where you are on your journey of growth. We provide therapies like EMDR, DBT, CBT, sand tray, art therapy, and more. We work with those who struggle with depression, anxiety, somatoform disorders, trauma, recent trauma, emotional disturbance, and of course more as your needs arise. The way we like to consider it, everyone is on their own journey and that means your therapy, although similar, should look different than everyone else's. Find out more today with a free 15 minute phone consultation and ask as many questions as you feel comfortable. You have the right to know what you are getting into before you start your journey.

Individual Therapy Program

TRUE Therapy strives to provide a non judgmental environment so you can have an environment for healing and growth. Whether you are striving to overcome deep wounds from the past or recovering from new recent ones, we strive to provide you with individual therapy in Pleasant Grove for your success. We believe and strive in you becoming your authentic self with mental health services tailored to best fit you.

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