Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Depiction of many different emotions by one person. Representation of a need for dialectical behavioral therapy to help contain emotional reactions.

Here you can find DBT therapy in Utah.  DBT therapy, Utah County, stands for dialectical behavioral therapy.  So what does DBT mean?  The best way to explain is to break apart the name that sounds complex.  However, I am sure you understand what behavioral and therapy means.  Therefore, dialectic means to view different opinions of at least two people.  Rather, to observe and listen to another’s opinion and have a reasonable conversation about yours and their opinion being held.

Dialectical, in DBT, can also be simply stated by expressing someone is open-minded.  However, to use TRUE it means more than this.  To hold another’s opinion, understanding this does not have to change who you are or your values.  And, to feel safe in yourself while holding other opinions.  You can find DBT therapy, Utah County, near you at TRUE.

DBT Therapy Utah

DBT therapy in Utah found at TRUE therapy.  A large focus on DBT therapy, Utah County, is to focus on coping skills.  Current coping skills you need to help you calm down in times of distress.  Thus, coping skills include deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and various ways to distract oneself.  Also, distractions with DBT include sports, exercise, nature, and more.  Additionally, DBT therapy, in Utah, includes CBT with dialectic, open-minded, techniques.  One more thing to mention about DBT is a management and sitting with emotions are comprised as part of this therapy.  Find your help today with DBT therapy in Utah County.

DBT Therapy in Utah

Yes, as read throughout this text we provide DBT therapy in Utah.  You may think the repeat of “DBT therapy Utah County” was carelessness.  However, this has been done intentionally to reduce confusion for searches on your end.  Rather, for you to find this page as we provide DBT services in conjunction with EMDR, Art therapy, CBT, and other various therapies.  Inevitably, one last time, we provide services for DBT therapy, Utah County, for you and yours.  Please call to understand how we implement DBT for you at TRUE.