Postpartum Depression Therapy

Therapy for Postpartum Depression

The deep sadness that follows giving birth can be real and feel intense. You may feel guilt for having such sadness as though it is your fault. One thing you should know is depression after giving birth is real and more common than you think. Postpartum depression therapies are around because there is a need. Remember the guilt you have for not being able to enjoy being a mother may not actually be a part of who you are. Rather it may be pain from your past. Here is a list of symptoms that may be due postpartum depression and therapy for postpartum depression can help: mood swings, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, sadness, sleeping problems, crying, and struggling to concentrate. At TRUE therapy you can find postpartum depression therapy in Pleasant Grove.

Postpartum Depression Therapies

There are different therapies for this concern from CBT to EMDR. Rather, talk therapies can be helpful, and trauma therapies can be helpful. The reason trauma therapies can be helpful is due to the fact that giving birth can be traumatic and on the other hand these feelings may be from your childhood. Regardless, therapy for postpartum depression exists and we are here to support you with what you need. This condition can last for some time. Some think this condition can last for years but for others it only lasts a few months. When you feel this deep sadness is too much it may be time to find help today with postpartum depression therapy in Pleasant Grove.

Postpartum Depression Therapy

We understand it feels like this deep sadness and feeling overwhelmed won’t go away. Yet, there are others who have found relief with therapy for postpartum depression. You could find your relief today with postpartum depression therapies today. We provide EMDR, CBT, art therapy, and sand tray therapy so you can start feeling like you again. Call today for a fifteen minute phone consultation to see if postpartum depression therapy is for you.

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