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Relationship Therapy

Do you feel confused and lost in your relationship? Does your partner claim you have no feelings? Maybe your partner claims you're an emotional wreck? Or you and your partner are falling away from each other, and you are the only one seeking help? Do you feel like you are in the last moments with your partner? You are here because you don’t want your relationship to end? These are not just struggles but real struggles in many relationships. We do our best to push forward, but sometimes we don't have enough. Individual therapy for relationship issues can help. To be apparent, TRUE Therapy relationship issues are not necessarily the same thing as couples therapy. At TRUE, we focus on individual therapy for relationship issues.  Instead, we focus on each partner individually before bringing the couple or family together. This is done due to one major factor; you are both triggering each other as partners. If you are both triggering each other and work is focused on your relationship, you may trigger each other more. And, your situation may become worse.

Relationship Therapy in Pleasant Grove

With a focus on individual therapy for relationship issues, we strive to work on each partner one at a time and then bring the couple together, if needed, for couples therapy. Relationship issues therapy can help you and your partner become more self-aware and understand your needs and wants. Also, allowing you to set up boundaries and limits in your relationship. Additionally, it helps you know where your partner is coming from or may be stuck in their emotional journey if you are the only one choosing to reach for your emotional goals. Relationship therapy can be great for your journey, and when your partner observes changes, there is a hope they might seek change for themselves. This process can be helpful as you talk to them about your journey from session to session. Change tends to happen for a person when they see more benefit in the change.

Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

Relationship therapy in Pleasant Grove is provided to any who seek a change in their ability to connect with their partner. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see how individual therapy for relationship issues could help you. Even if your partner is not interested in finding help, relationship issues therapy can be helpful for you in that you don’t respond so intensely to their choices. Additionally, you may discover who you are and where you want to be in your relationship.

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