Somatoform Disorder Therapy

Therapy for Somatoform Disorder

Somatoform disorder is a short way to say psychosomatic disorder. Somatoform disorders are a cause of physical pain in relation to psychological distress. Have you been to doctors due to pain or physical disturbances, and they look at you after several studies, and they tell you there does not appear to be anything wrong with you? The good news is there may be hope. As stated in trauma books and other materials like Francine Shapiro physical health can be affected by psychological distress. In ways, your physical pain can be due to traumatic experiences from your past. Therapy for somatoform disorder can be a place to start if your physicians tell you there does not appear to be anything wrong with you physically. Your doctor may have even referred you to seek somatoform disorder treatment therapy. There are different somatoform disorder treatments out there, and at TRUE Therapy in Pleasant Grove, we primarily focus on ego-state therapy skills and CBT with EMDR therapy. Call today for a free fifteen-minute phone consultation for somatoform disorder treatment.

Somatoform Disorder Therapy in Pleasant Grove

I can help you with your worries. Before treatment for somatoform problems begins, we strongly encourage you to seek help from your physician before coming to our office. We do provide somatoform disorder therapy. However, due to concerns of your pain being caused out of mental health concerns we will refer you to your physician and receive consultation on physical troubles due to possible problems of something being physically wrong. If your physician has already referred you for somatoform disorder treatment therapy, we ask you to consult with your physician with written permission. If you have gone down this encouraging road with your physician and are seeking somatoform disorder treatments then please get in touch with us today to understand more about your somatoform disorder treatment. The help you need may be right around the corner. We know you are tired of hearing, “There does not appear to be anything wrong with you physically”.

Somatoform Disorder’s Treatment Therapy

When it comes to these types of concerns, it can be frustrating.  We understand you have likely been to several different doctors, done several tests, or have been doing your own Google search to other searches to find the overall culprit until you have found yourself here. If you have found yourself running into dead ends and doctors continue to suggest, nothing is wrong. You may be at the right place.  It is discussed in some materials the body seems to remember trauma and can lock it away with a sense of negative energy.  There appears to be a solid connection to the system of the body and emotional pain. Find help today in therapy for the somatoform disorder. Consult a therapist today to learn more about somatoform disorder therapy in Pleasant Grove. Somatoform disorder treatments vary, but EMDR is helpful and can work for you. Could you make an appointment today for your somatoform disorder treatment?

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