Somatoform Disorder Therapy

Somatoform Disorder Therapy

Somatoform disorder therapy in Utah County.  What does somatoform disorder mean?  Well, simply put, somatoform means to have physical disturbance in the body that is not explained by any physical means.  Rather, symptoms can not be explained by a doctor.  For instance, the pain you have had in your back feels as bad as a slipped disc in your spine but MRIs and other scans do not show anything physically wrong with you.  Therefore, this is a good time for a good doctor to consider mental health therapy.  

Somatoform disorder therapy is used to help where the system has locked away pain from an event that happened in your past.  In some way, your body feels that crash from three years ago is still occurring due to your mind.  Rather, your brain still registers that a car crash is still happening and is convincing your body there is a pain when there is, in fact, no actual physical danger.  Thus, the somatoform disorder can be treated by therapy.  

Somatoform Disorder Therapy

In this way, somatoform disorder therapy in Utah County can help you.  There are many ways this can manifest.  You may struggle to have intercourse because it feels painful.  This pain is due to trauma the brain and body remember from the past.  Thus, therapies like EMDR and CBT can be helpful for you to have a normal sex life.  You may begin to have a splitting headache every time someone yells because that time you were yelled at for the first time by a significant other when you had a headache.  Regardless, somatoform disorder therapy is taken on a case by case basis and it is strongly encouraged you to seek medical help to help rule out actual physical concerns.  Yet, a free phone call consultation is available on our contact page.  

Somatoform Disorder Therapy in Utah

Somatoform Disorder Therapy in Utah County is here to be of service to you.  With appropriate consultation with a physician and understanding of your underlying problem, a focus is set to help you meet your goals.  Contact us today to see how we can help.  Dr. Fancine Shapiro gives many examples in her book, "Getting Past Your Past", to express how helpful EMDR can be.  Find somatoform disorder therapy today in Utah County.

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